Serge Modular Spreadsheet

This useful spreadsheet is a labor-of-love by fellow Serge fan Ty Hodson. So much information gathered in one place - a multiplicity of notes and descriptions of Shop Panels, M-odules and Function Blocks culled from many disparate sources including old catalogs, brochures and various web sites including mine. Remember, this spreadsheet has multiple pages - click the tabs on the bottom.

For those without a copy of MS Office or MS Excel spreadsheet viewer, I would highly recommend the free Open Office suite.

Additions and/or corrections are welcome and can be emailed to me via the link at the bottom of the page.

Serge Modular systems and panels are currently manufactured by Sound Transform Systems in Hartland, Wisconsin. You can reach them at (262) 367-3030.

What you give is what you get.

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