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Serge Modular Introduction
An intro to the most flexible modular synthesizer out there! Here's my Serge Corner with an overview, resources, programming guides, module descriptions and links.
Serge Modular Spreadsheet
This useful spreadsheet is a labor-of-love by fellow Serge fan Ty Hodson. A ton of information about Shop Panels, M-odules and Function Blocks packed into one document!
The Original Serge Guidebook
The late Rich Gold's excellent Serge Guidebook, originally shipped with systems in the 70s and 80s. Such a wonderful reference to the unique architecture of the Serge Modular system!
Alphabet Soup #1: The DSG
The DSG is one of the most flexible synthesizer modules ever conceived and yet in some ways is very simple. This is first in a series of introductory articles, each focusing on a particular Function Block.
Lost Terrain
My album of three very diverse, dark, ambient soundscapes created with my modest four panel Serge Modular system. Available from CD Baby to download.

Shop Panels:

Serge Animal
An all-in-one Serge Modular panel with massive timbral capabilities in just four rackspaces! Here's my little overview.
Blue Voice
Part one of an overview of the "Blue Funstation". A review by Steve Korn covering the ins and outs of this flexible Shop Panel, the Blue Voice.

M-Class / P-Class:

The Kracken Awakes!
Hard to describe because it squirms from my grasp when I try to nail it to the deck, the Kracken is easily one of the most appealing and drool-worthy pieces of electronics I have ever contemplated.
M-Class Panel Overview
A quick intro to a few of the new STS Serge M-Class panels with jpegs and summaries - for more detailed info, see the reviews below or the Serge Modular Spreadsheet.
Serge Creature
An overview of one of the first M-Class Serge panels. A unique, compact synth with all the flexibility and great sound quality you expect from STS Serge.
Serge Creature - The Unauthorized Manual
A wonderful document crafted by Ken Tkacs lovingly detailing all the ins and outs of the Serge Creature M-odule. A great in-depth look into to the "Serge Paradigm"!
Dual Oscillator
An in-depth review of the Dual Oscillator M-odule by b3nsf. A powerful source of powerful sounds for your M-class system.
SQP Sequencer
Hexenduction provides an excellent overview of this powerful Sequencer/Programmer M-odule.


M-Case Portable Case
A wonderful case to house up to four M-odules and power supply comfortably.
M-Locker Portable Case
A beautiful piece of craftsmanship to pair up with your favorite M-odule.

Serge Modular systems and panels are currently manufactured by Sound Transform Systems in Hartland, Wisconsin. You can reach them at (262) 367-3030.

What you give is what you get.

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