I have cast fire upon the world and I am guarding it until it blazes.


My Albums
My albums "Stealing The Sun", "Shadow", "Touch" and "Lost Terrain" are all available here.
Other Works
A collection of songs, dittys and ambiences from my various albums as well as some unique content. Downloadable as MP3s.
Rusty Insects
My project studio where it all comes together. Photos and a complete gearlist with links.


Serge Modular Synthesizer Pages
Here you will find a number of web pages covering the unique, hugely-flexible and great-sounding "Mighty Serge". Reviews, resources, panel descriptions, pictures and data.
Mattson Mini Modular
Rising from the ashes of the classic PMS Syntar comes George Mattson's newest progeny, the Mattson Mini Modular - a flexible, great-sounding beast with a tiny footprint.
Waldorf MicrowaveXT
My extensive Microwave2/XT "Tips & Tricks" page with a huge array of programming workshops, tips, wavetables and other useful bits of flotsam and jetsam.
Waldorf Microwave Wavetables
Wavetable charts of all the Waldorf Microwave ROM Wavetables with waveform and spectrum images. Be patient, its still a work-in-progress.
Nord Wave - Impressions
The current evolution of Clavia's Nord Lead series, the Nord Wave, takes us into interesting "hybrid" territory for flexible and intriguing sound design possibilities.
My SCI Pro-One Project
The step-by-step refurbishment and modification of an old Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog monosynth. A well deserved bit of attention for a great little synth! Lots of photos.
DSI Evolver
A resource page dedicated to Dave Smith's best synthesizer yet, the Evolver. MP3s, "Tips & Tricks", Wavecharts, The Definitive Guide to the Evolver and lots more!
Ensoniq VFX
An old favorite of mine that still delights me as a programmer. This unusual "performance synth" from the late 80s packs quite a punch and is worthy of a second look - especially at today's prices ;)
A page devoted to an absolute jewel of a monster keyboard, the incomparable OASYS! Synth engines galore wrapped up in a dream interface of plastic and metal.
Sequential Circuits Pro-8
The Pro-8, also known as the Split-Eight is a weird little Japanese "changeling" synth. It has a compelling sound and a quirky featureset.
Roland Juno-60
The acquaintance of this old 1-osc polysynth prompted this little review. The Juno60 turned out to be a very pleasant surprise!
Korg Lambda ES-50
The Korg Lambda is a fascinating, overlooked vintage polyphonic ensemble instrument that hides a fat polyphonic orchestra beneath its mild-mannered exterior. Manual and Schematics are available here too...
Moog's "Little Phatty"
Find out why this Moog monosynth is such an attractive buy. And what a great design, especially compared to similarly-priced vintage synths such as the Prodigy and the Rogue.
The Syntar
Years ahead of its time in terms of live player control, the Performance Music Systems Syntar is very much a "hidden gem". Still unparalleled in many ways!
Alesis Fusion
My personal history with the recent synthesizer offering from Alesis. In my opinion this workstation offers massive some really unexpected surprises.
The EDP Wasp
This "nasty" little two-osc monosynth from the late seventies packs quite a punch! A strange filter design, "touch" keyboard and a checkered past make this synth unique.
The Fizmo Fix
The Ensoniq Fizmo is an overlooked beast of a synthesizer, despised by some, loved by a few. If you are one of the latter, you owe it to yourself to fix the Fizmo's deadly "birth defect"!
Closeup Gear Pics
Just what it says - nothing but in-your-face pictures of synths and electonic hardware. Just a fun chance to test my closeup meddle with the other gearsluts ;)


The Carbon111 Blog
My ponderings on philosophy, people, places and things that make up the myriad mysteries of the world we live in.
Brew Du Jour
The Carbon111 Beer Blog - My impressions of micro brews and craft brews that are unique, off the beaten track or simply praiseworthy. My paean to the brew of the gods.


About Me
A page regarding my interests with some fun links. Probably a bit boring for all but the most rabid visitors.
My Font
This is a Truetype Font of my handwritten alphabet. Free for personal use but for commercial purposes, please contact me.
A simple little poem from me to the Universe...or is it from the universe to Me? ;)
My Home-Made Laptop
A project of mine to make a laptop out of an old paintbox and scavenged industrial PC parts. People pestered me to put this one up :)
Here are some fun links to some great webcomix and various graphics-oriented sites around the net.
For Sale
Synths, Processors and other odds and ends that I'm currently offering for sale.

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