Unisono Spread Modulation

Author: Snyxol

Here is a trick to modulate unisono spread by LFO, envelope, modwheel, etc.:

Don't use the normal spread. Instead, use an unsynced random-LFO as a spread source. these random values are different in each voice and are mostly evenly distributed.

Example: fat saw lead, the "fatness" is slowly modulated by LFO 1, while LFO 2 serves as the spread source:
poly, unisono, spread = 0
LFO 1:
Sync: on/Clock (!!!) (phases must be equal in all voices)
rate: 20
shape: sin/tri
LFO 2:
Sync: off (!!!) (phases must be different in all voices)
rate: 0 (but at first you must set it for a short time to a higher value)
shape: random
Mod 2:
Src: LFO 1 (or envelope, modwheel, etc.)
Amnt: +46
Dest: M3 Amnt
Mod 3:
Src: LFO 2
Amnt: 0 (or other value for asymmetry)
Dest: Pitch

Happy tweaking!