Carbon111 - Older Works

Arrival 5:27
A contemplative tune grounded by Nord Stage E-piano. Lead synth is by Nord Wave, "rhythm" by Juno 60 and weird ambiences by NI Reaktor & NI Absynth 4 . This song is featured on my CD Shadow.
Bicycle 7:42
The SCI Six-Track takes up rhythmic bass duties while two pianos courtesy of the Nord Stage and NI's Massive weave complimentary lines. Oasys provides the FM pad and Absynth provides some ambiance. This song is featured on my CD Shadow.
Fallen Leaves 4:13
The trees are naked once again so I wrote this little piece. The Yamaha VL-1 takes the lead and the background is all Microwave XT and Oasys with Prophet'08 handling bass. A rather different, more "visceral", version of this song is available on my CD Shadow.
Crows for Marie 5:25
A "piano-ambient-thing". The piano is "Marie", my old Baldwin spinet, the background is Nord Modular percussion, Nord Modular insects, Nord Modular FM pad and a Prophet'08 triangle pad. This song is featured on my CD Shadow .
November 3:11
Nord Stage plays the plucky soft/metallic sound and a little bit of acoustic piano. All other sounds are courtesy of the Solaris prototype I had in the studio for a couple of days...beautiful instrument.
Walden 1:57
A weird little "doo-dad"...not quite a song. Catchy, regardless, that's why its here. Waldorf Microwave XT, Nord Stage and Korg Electribe ES-1.
Geode 6:57
A rough mix of a simple rainy day meditation in the studio. The backgrounds are all Absynth and the EP is pure Oasys.
Touch (edit) 8:11
This is just a small excerpt from the much longer piece from my CD Touch. A very dark ambient noise work. Think "alien hedgehogs learning to mate in molten sulpher".
Aum Mani Padme Hum 5:36
A fun bit of vocal roundabout. I love the layers in this one and the way it builds. Done before I had decent preamps :(
Gem 8:34
An older tune of mine that really thrashes around. The lead "guitar" is a violin sample through distortion.
Black River 5:13
Inspired by the Rio Negro in the Amazon - lots of hand percussion in this one. Slow, filter-swept Prophet600 pads.
Walking Stick 4:00
A rhythmic song with ShortWave radio samples. I had a lot of fun with the lyrics on this one. This is an older song but I like its simplicity.

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