Serge M-Locker Portable Case

For those that want to take their Creature or other favored M-odule on the road, or just give it a beautiful "home", STS has created the M-Locker, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship in solid cherry.

It will be available with and without the lid, and its associated locker hardware. That way, people who just want a "display case" will have a fine piece of furniture for their studios. The M-Locker will sit, as pictured, in a "low-boy" configuration or, by rotating the M-odule 180 degrees, will also be able to sit vertically in a "high-boy" configuration (with the rear now the bottom).

The build is all select 5/8" cherry wood (including the bottom plate) with dark hand rubbed stain and sealed satin finish. This combination becomes 'deeper' in tone a grain contrast over time and sun exposure.

The power supply will be the external PS2a and feed in through the back or through the bottom, depending on your M-odule mounting configuration.

Serge Modular systems and panels are currently manufactured by Sound Transform Systems in Hartland, Wisconsin. You can reach them at (262) 367-3030.

What you give is what you get.

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