Comix, Art Gallerys and Points of Interest:

A Lesson Is Learned...
Simply amazing! Great ideas, great execution. I love the depth of humanity these two dig into. Not for the faint-of-heart ;)
A goat, a satanic chicken, some hackers and lots of beer! Currently my favorite comic strip - go back in the archives a couple of years and read up to the present day. I havent had this much fun since Bloom County.
Electric Sheep
Astounding! Some of the deepest, most incisive comix on the net. Be sure to check out "The Jain's Death" and "Rush Limbaugh Eats Everything".
Everything you always wanted to know about...well...Everything! Plus all the entrys (or "Nodes") are hyperlinked to all the other entrys for your convenience. If you feel like you know enough, create your own "Node".
The Edwardsen Gallery
Steve Edwardsen is one of the most amazing artists it has been my pleasure to know. His artwork is weird with a capital "W", yet still accessible and moving. He is a great master of Bryce whose pixels I am not worthy to render. He is covered in a rich crusty layer of acryllic both candy-striped and satanic! Go see him melt in your mind.
Aaron Jasinski
A unique artist with a very human touch. His people feel like people you know - very three-dimensional, very real, with a lot of heart. His bold brushstrokes and colors do not obscure even the most subtle emotion and character.
Chad Frick is an amazing animator/artist with a wry and slightly twisted sense of humor. Finally someone has created truly interactive "comic strips". Highly recommended!
Dragon Tree
Molly Barr is an extremely creative 3D stylist. You might have seen her art in quite a few places around the Net. Molly's an amazing person who gave my computer-based artwork its first exposure on the Web some years ago at her wonderfull communal SF art gallery Tau Ceti (no longer extant). Dragon Tree is her excellent personal gallery.
Organic Holistic and Bizarre. These are truely strange and beautifull pages. Fun to explore.
Roland Hille
Absolutely Photographic. This man has got to be my favorite artist working in Bryce today!
Hubble Space Telescope Pictures
The infinite depths - these images are AMAZING!
Galactic Geographic
Travel with Galactic Geographer Karl Kofoed as he chronicles the worlds explored in the pages of an imaginary "magazine" from the future... The Galactic Geographic Annual for the year 3097. This gallery is an amazing synthesis of science, art and imagination.
Argon Zark
An amazing online comic book with a heavy dose of KPT and a pinch of Bryce.
Slawek's Ultimate Guide
Slawek's ultimate guide to science-fiction/fantasy/space and surreal art on the Net links over 500 gallerys and artists. Looking for someone? They're probably here. This is THE guide for online gallery browsers.

Fonts, Fonts and Morefonts:

Font Fairy
A great collection of sites with free fonts on the web. Tinkerbell should be jealous.
Emerald City Fontworks
From my home town comes a type foundry with some beautifull freeware and shareware fonts. If you can draw (or even if you can't ^_-), they can make a font from your own handwriting!
Fontaholics Anonymous
A great set of freeware and shareware font links.
Larabie Fonts
Ray is one-of-a-kind...for a while he cranked out a new freeware font every week! Check out his great archive. Great design sense. Whatta guy.
Tom's Truetype Fonts
A small collection of some very well-crafted true type fonts.

Tools, Plugins, Filters and Resources:

PC Resources for Photoshop / Filter Factory
A great source for graphics tips, utilities and free filter plugins that will run in many different applications. Some very good links here as well.
3-D Cafe
Hundreds of free 3D models, tips, graphic utilities and resources. They have the whole collection on CD-Rom too...
An immense collection of tips, links and resources for the desktop publisher and graphic artist. Literally hundreds of links!
Doc Ozone's
A site that shows just how far you can go with graphics on the web. Be shure to check out his "Hands On" area for Photoshop tutorials. Some great tricks here!
Fantastic Machines
FM makes an extremely usefull set of shareware filters called Tile Tools with some great seamless texture generators and many other goodies. This one is well worth registering! Watch out Kai ^_^
Makes a very capable shareware image-editing/paint package called PaintShop Pro, able to use most photoshop-style filters. If you dont need to work in layers, you'll find PSP is as much of a workhorse as Photoshop.
PaintShop Pro Tips & Tricks
Some really usefull tricks and procedures for the "power" PSP user and beginners alike.
GrafX Design
A good number of graphics tutorials in Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and Corel Draw. Also has an extensive links page.
Infinite Fish
No words come close...suffice to say that this spot is one of the funnest places on the net.A warning though - this is a VERY graphics intensive site.
LParser Homepage
If you do any 3D work you won't want to miss this FANTASTIC freeware modeling/rendering utility. LParser creates amazing creatures, plants etc...from a (relatively) simple text language.
Ron Coscorrosa's Color Fazer
Want to spice up your HTML with some multicolored text? Try Color Fazer. (I used it on the "my favorite sites and resources" text above.)
The Spanky Fractal Database
Fractint is the de facto standard for fractal generation; you can find it and many other fractal utilities and links here.

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