An Extra LFO from Modifiers

Author: Rizacan

An extra LFO won't disturb anyone! Here's a little LFO idea using Modifiers as below.

S/H rate control input sets the overall frequency. Using the filter Modifier, you can get triangle waves. It can also be used for PWM, freeing up other LFOs for other uses!

Here are Two examples in Sysex format:
The first one, ModifierLFO, is a simple LFO example. Modifier 1 creates the squarewave and Modifier 3 smoothes the output of Modifier 1 (or 2).
The second one, Janmichelphaser, is a simple solina string simulation with a phaser. Modifier 3 produces a triangle waveform using Modifier 1's squarewave and modulates PW.