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I am currently a resident of Washington State where I live with my amazing (and mostly patient) wife Laura and our two neurotic cats, Pandora and Luna. Finally eschewing the haste and waste of big-city living for something slightly simpler. A new job in a new town and a new home to break familiar patterns and shake my ego loose from its staid moorings can only be a good thing, eh? Mostly I attempt to create as much music as time permits in my music studio, Rusty Insects, which is forever in the process of metamorphosis. I don't play weddings, funerals, bar-mitzvahs or clambakes - mainly because people never ask me - but CDs are available for the merely curious or the brave-of-heart ;)


My interests, in no particular order, include:
Computer programing, Swimming, Serge Modular (Thanks Rex!!), Pen-and-ink drawing, Architecture, HTML, Archaeology, MIDI, Typography, Ambient Music, Monty Python, Japanese Pop Culture, Classical music, Blueberries, 20th century interior design, LINUX, Electronic music, Jackie Chan films, Anime, Gothic Horror (Lovecraft, Ligotti), Watercolor paints, Jazz, Synthesizer programming and playing, Jean Giraud comix, Gnostic Literature (Nag Hammadi mostly...), Science Fiction: James Tiptree Jr., - Neal Stephenson - C.J. Cherryh - Samuel R. Delany - Terry Pratchet ^_^ , good micro-brews (Redhook ESB) and great Hard Cider (Woodchuck). If you have any similar interests or even if you don't, feel free to drop me a line .

What you give is what you get.

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