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STEALING THE SUN is the album I've been wanting to make for the last ten years. Filled with a wide spectrum of synth textures and embellished by my voice, it's an exploration of epiphany and change viewed through the lens of modern electronic pop.

Diverse elements like the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, Native American traditions and Greek mythology combine into something strange, personally engaging, and hopefully "greater than the sum of its parts"

The CD and Digital Album is currently available through, CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

A complete set of lyrics is available here.

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Stealing The Sun is available for $8.95 from Bandcamp ($6.00 for MP3)

You can listen to Stealing The Sun in its entirety for FREE at the above link. If you like it, buy it. :)

SHADOW is an instrumental release from February 2009. Six years in the making, Shadow is Organic, Electronic, Ambient, Chill with a Beat - Rhythmic tonal landscapes of leaf-strewn shadows and sunlit sleepy-lizard pools. Like a runaway rusty red bicycle through cat-tail marshes, painted desert canyons and a moonlit lakeshore.

A complete per-track gearlist for Shadow is available here

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Shadow is available for $8.95 from CD Baby ($6.00 for MP3)

You can listen to Shadow below. If you like it, buy it. :)

Shadow (full album)  by  Carbon111

TOUCH is mostly composed from self-generating modular synthesizer patches with a little manually-played synth here and there. Touch is a dark, organic, synthesized soundscape - it's nighttime at the shores of a primordial musical lake populated with obsidian crows, rusty insects and carniverous plants:

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Touch is available for $7.95 from CD Baby ($5.00 for MP3)
A small 8-minute taste of "Touch" is available for listening here.

LOST TERRAIN is a dark ambient album of songs created with my Serge Modular system. Available from CD Baby for $5.00

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Lost Terrain contains three aural journeys powered by the mighty Serge Modular Synthesizer. These pieces are composed from self-generating modular synthesizer patches with a little manually-played synth added for good measure. These are organic, synthesized soundscapes designed to evoke lost landscapes, either "passing or past", nevermore to be seen again by the human eye.

Artic-11/25 (23:56 minutes)
The tundra rules supreme in a snowblind land fogged by ice and peopled sparsely by creatures who worship the moon with their feral appetites. The days and nights are five months long.
Forest Area-9b (12:01 minutes)
Connifers are the masters of all in this green realm of overgrown caves, shrouded lakes and beds of fern misted by permanent rain. The denizens of this world are often heard but rarely seen.
Cenote-88 (10:58 minutes)
A vine-draped jungle well in the Yucatan is home for a myriad of strange beings lost to myth for many years now. The lord of this realm sleeps fitfully at the bottom of the pool.

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