"Airy" Sounds

Author: Nifflas

I've experimented a lot with "airy" sounds the last days. I think most of you already know of this way of doing it, but in case you've never tried this:

Turn on only the noise generator. Lower the cutoff a bit, and set keytrack to 100%. Set filter resonance to a very high value, but not so high that it self-oscillates. You will need to tweak the second filter a little bit since you're working with noise.

And of course play around with the ADSR envelope and add some effects, etc.

If you've done it right you have a very "airy" sound now. Here are some more things you can do with it.

Use the LP/BP filter and set the BP offset to +7 (Sounds great for pads) Or why not try the sinus or waveshaper?


I've improved my "Airy Sounds" trick a little bit. Check this out if you want to know more about how to make "Airy" sounds with the Microwave XT.

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Airy sounds part I

It's not easy to make the wave generators itself to sound airy, but there is one way to do it, without even using any oscillators.

Start with "Init Sound (V1.1)"

* Set Wave1 mix and Wave2 mix to 0
* Set Noise mix to 24
* Select the 24dB BP filter
* Set Cutoff to 71 and Resonance to 112
* Set Cutoff keytrack to +100%

This is a very nice starting point for making airy sounds.

Hint 1: The Dual L/BP filter, with BP offset +7 sounds really cool.
Hint 2: Always experiment with the second filter, it can often improve the sound a lot.

Airy sounds part II

One way to make airy sounds with many synthesizers is to let a noise generator frequency modulate an oscillator. However, this can not be done by using the µwave's noise generator, so let's turn Wave Generator 2 into a noise source instead.

Start with "Init Sound (V1.1)"

* Set Wave1 mix to 0 for now.
* Choose a wavetable which is harmonic rich and chaotic. Wavetable 46 "Heavy Fuzz" is just perfect.
* Tune Oscillator 2 to -3 octaves.
* Set Oscillator 2 keytrack to 0%
* Set Wave2 startwave to 31
* Set LFO1 shape to random, and speed to 127.
* Mod matrix slot 1 - Source: LFO1 Amount: +55 Destination: Wave2 Pos

This is chaotic, random waves is being picked like mad from the wavetable. However, this is not chaotic enough.

* Mod matrix slot 2 - Source: LFO1 Amount: +40 Destination: Osc2 Pitch

Now it is.

* Set Wave2 mix to 0
* Set Wave1 mix to 70
* Set Wave1 startwave to Triangle
* Set FM amount to 20

Enjoy the result. Use this as a starting point for making airy sounds.

Hint 1: Try other waves, like sawtooth, square, or waveforms from the wavetable.
Hint 2: Try other wavetables for other noise characteristics.
Hint 3: When using some wavetables you might not want LFO1 to controll both Wave2 pos and Oscillator 2 Pitch. To not consume another LFO, use Modifier Delay to delay LFO1 a little bit, and use the delayed source to controll Wave2 pos.